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Your Island Adventure Awaits! Meet the quirky and unique companions of Animal Island

Rude Robot Studios, the company led by internationally acclaimed content creator Wengie, merges roleplay and Gacha in its debut Roblox-based game

London, UK [July 2, 2021] – Get ready to explore Animal Island, a new exciting roleplay game coming to the Roblox platform. After being stranded on a beautiful, uninhabited tropical island, players must survive and create a new life for themselves, with the help of some cute furry friends of course. Animal Island will be available on the Roblox platform from July 3 – and created by global content creator superstar Wengie.

Animal Island begins with players waking up on a beautiful beach after their cruise was shipwrecked in a violent storm. In order to survive, players will need to earn rewards by exploring the island to perform tasks and collect materials. Over the course of the gameplay players can build and customise their homes, grow crops and eventually encounter the mysterious pets that inhabit the island.

With each animal having its very own personality and quirks, the game is light hearted on the surface, but provides a rich roleplaying experience at its core. The game is also designed for group play, with players able to trade pets with each other and take part in quests together.

The Animal Island universe is created and developed by Wendy Ayche (aka Wengie) and gaming YouTuber Max Fu (aka Maxmello), the co-founders of Rude Robot Studios and developed by MELON. As one of the world’s most recognised influencers, Wengie is a popular YouTuber, blogger and pop singer, and with more than 14 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, and is officially the most popular YouTuber in Australia. After amassing a community of millions of followers, she’s turning her content expertise towards the world of gaming. Maxmello has also firmly cemented himself as an influencer figure in the global gaming world.

“Animal Island is the result of a four year long passion project,” said Wengie. “Max and I are both gamers with our own gaming channels, so launching our own game was a definite dream of ours. Coming from a content background we had a very clear vision of the game – we wanted to create something vibrant, creative and fun, with a low barrier for entry so it can be enjoyed by all. Our goal for Animal Island was to create a game where players could seek adventure and roleplay in a fun and safe environment.”

The game was developed by MELON. “At MELON, our passion is helping brands and creators produce some of the best experiences on the platform,” said Devon Thome, CEO of MELON. “Roblox stands at the intersection between traditional media and gaming innovation, and we couldn’t be more proud to have been behind the production of Animal Island.”

So what are you waiting for? Your island adventure awaits!