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Roblox, Melon and Jump Kingdoms, an attention-grabbing parkour game

Roblox is a gaming platform that is gaining more and more visibility around the world. Within it there are games of all kinds, most of them for children, although there are some, such as the killer pigs, that could be older without problems.

The fact is that there are video game studios specialized in Roblox, and the Melon studio is one of them.

It has now announced its first original game within the metaverse. This is Jump Kingdoms, and it promises to be an experience for fans of Parkour games.

The characters in the game are called Pals, brightly colored creatures that you can see in the screenshot above. Each one can be customized with different clothes, and once defined we can compete with other people in randomly generated parkour scenarios.

We will see lava, we will see castles, we will see different seasons with different challenges… Season 1 will be released in November, and there are already thousands of people waiting for the moment.

Roblox was initially known because the games were made by the users themselves. You didn’t have to be a great programmer or an impressive studio. Over time, specialized studies in Roblox have appeared, and now we have companies like Supersocial or Toya that make a living from it.

Melon is responsible for the game I halo today, a studio that has already created several interactive experiences for pop stars, including Ava Max and KSI, more marketing products than actual games. Now you launch into the world of games with this great bet.

Its founder, Devon Thome, commented that although parkour and obstacle games have been popular on Roblox for many years, Jump Kingdoms promises to be very original with the theme.