Press Clipping
NFL seeks to attract younger audience through Roblox partnership

The NFL is looking to "make a splash with younger viewers" by bringing the franchise into Roblox with the start of NFL Tycoon, a game on the Roblox platform where users will be able to "build and play in their own NFL-centered world," according to Erika Wheless of AD AGE. The NFL will be the "first major sports league" to have a "persistent experience on Roblox." For the NFL, connecting with young gamers could be a way to "connect with a subset of current NFL fans," as well as "boost viewership as those gamers get older." Within the game, players will "get to be 'team owners' running their franchises by building stadiums and filling out teams, and playing against each other to rise on the leaderboard." Throughout the year, the game will "host virtual live events and activations that coincide with the NFL calendar." The first will be “Destruction House,” a mini-game within NFL Tycoon, "done in collaboration" with metaverse development studio Melon. Roblox players will be able to "compete against each other to destroy an everyday neighborhood house," allowing them to "unlock and purchase new and limited-edition virtual goods" based on the Super Bowl (, 2/9).