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The Ultimate LA Guide To The Metaverse

Concerts From Your Couch

As gaming companies continue to build immersive 3D worlds that double as social networks, the metaverse is expected to present big opportunities for live entertainment.

Josh Neuman, a Los Angeles music industry and branding veteran, got the idea to bring entertainment properties into the metaverse after watching his kids play Roblox, a gaming platform used by half of America’s children. He became fascinated with the platform’s reach and creative possibilities—yet saw that there were few brands using it in 2020.

That led him to Melon, the gaming studio where he now serves as president. Since Neuman joined in August, the company has produced virtual concerts for emerging pop stars like Tai Verdes and helped create the first Roblox experience by a major sports league: NFL Tycoon, which lets fans build and manage virtual football teams. Melon also takes audiences to virtual concerts on hot air balloons or under the sea.

“It's changed the game as far as what a non-real life experience can be,” Neuman said.

Neuman sees virtual experiences as a new way for entertainers to engage with—and monetize—their audiences.