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Pacsun Opens Virtual Mall on Roblox

Retailer Expands Roblox Presence with PACWORLD

In June 2021, Pacsun transitioned into the online entertainment space with a dedicated experience on Roblox (NYSE: RBLX), a global online platform for shared experiences connecting millions of people every day in its metaverse.

As part of the collaboration, the youth retailer officially announced today, a fantasy interactive mall experience on the Roblox platform, created through a partnership with premier game development studio MELON. This is a natural extension of Pacsun’s existing catalogs on Roblox, with the best sold catalog items being “fantasy” focused items including gold wings.

PACWORLD allows players to create a unique hub, intersecting fashion technology and community. Within the social environment, customers find community in this space, leaning on the metaverse’s strong network effects. Players are the owner and operators of a new mall, and it is their objective to make the mall as profitable and popular as possible. Players will be able to create and remove shops, upgrade the shops that do well, decorate the mall to try and attract more customers, and even invite their friends to visit their mall.

“Innovation and creativity are at the heart of Pacsun’s brand voice, and we view our audience as the cultural pioneers of the future. As we are catering to a fully digital generation, we recognize that Gen Z values community and accessibility more than any other generation, and we joined Roblox to further build that connectivity with our consumers,” said Brie Olson, President at Pacsun. “Considering that they leverage Roblox as a point of socialization, we knew that in order to further our strong emotional resonance as a brand, we needed to continue to build alongside them in the gaming world.”

With Digital being Pacsun’s top priority, the retailer has seen exponential growth in the space year over year, through perceptive partnerships with brands and talent, social media activations, and strategic campaigns. Over the past year, Pacsun started to embark on a strategy with paid media and upper funnel initiatives, with NFTs and Virtual Reality becoming a huge focus for collaborative initiatives and in-store efforts.

Pacsun stepped into the NFT space with the introduction of the Pacsun Wave NFT in November 2021, followed by the Pac Mall Rats series in January 2022 and most recently PS Sunset in collaboration with Pakistani artist Sara Shakeel. The second drop of Pac Mall Rats also debuted today, representing 14 different Pacsun locations, as well as Reebok, Pacsun’s first Pac Mall Rat based off of a brand partner. Locations in this wave of Pac Mall Rats include Glendale and Downey, CA, Orland Park, IL, St. George, UT, Raleigh, NC, New York City, NY, and more. Pac Mall Rats are available for auction now on Open Sea for one week, starting at $250.

Pacsun also debuted its first-ever video game, “Pacsun the Game,” timed to its Spring/Summer 2022 campaign via the relaunched Pacsun App in the App store. The campaign once again featured Gen Z and style icon, Emma Chamberlain, who starred in Pacsun’s Virtual Reality experience video as her own personal avatar, the first time Emma starred as her digital self.

“Though it is important for us to follow our customers through digital touchpoints, we do understand that in store shopping is still relevant. Through PACWORLD, we give players and consumers the reins to create their space and build it from the ground up. It combines fantasy with the traditional in-store feel, through a digital lens in a highly interactive way,” added Alfred Chang, Co-CEO of Pacsun.

In PACWORLD, players will be able to customize their malls with flair and aesthetics that can be purchased with their virtual income they earn in-experience. The starting point is a sunny beach island reminiscent of Pacsun’s Southern California homebase, where players can choose a plot for their personalized mall that they can build their stores onto. Shops are the primary aspect of the game and each shop will generate its own virtual income to add to the player’s overall virtual income earned in-experience. As a mall’s popularity increases and is visited by more shoppers, modeled after their Roblox friends list, the players can continue to upgrade their mall by adding new fun shops and restaurants, along with decorations such as plants, furniture and murals.

To amplify the social element, Roblox players can visit each other to socialize and compare malls. PACWORLD allows up to six players to build malls next to each other, while Roblox’s platform allows players to go to any server to visit their friends and check out their malls.

PACWORLD is available now on Roblox. Be sure to check back in later this month when we reveal PACWORLD virtual goods.