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What Prompted Clarks To Use Influencers To Lure Users Into The Metaverse?

The concept of Metaverse has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times, especially after Facebook rebranded itself as Meta. And brands have constantly been using their gaming market budgets to develop captivating activations inside the virtual world platforms like Fortnite and Roblox.

But it actually takes effort for the brands to engage the folks in their digital activations. And these brands realize that they need to carry out activities to generate the users’ interest. One such way to do so has been to work with influencers across the gaming community and even beyond that.

For instance, influencers are an essential part behind CICAVERSE’s marketing and promotion strategy. Cicaverse is actually a Robkox world created by Clarks, the British shoe brand.

The influencers that Clarks brought in to gain traction from the Roblox users were three Gen Z and Gen Alpha athlete influencers, Breakdancing 15-year-old B-Girl Terra, an 11-year-old BMX rider Connor Stitt and 16-year-old Parker practitioner Robbie Griffith.

The space was rolled out recently on May 16, which provides the users with several experiences and rewards. It includes a virtual Olympics stadium, Roblox-ized Clarks Cica sneakers, and a scavenger hunt mini-game that provides the winners with limited-edition virtual Roblox items and real-life prizes for the top 100 winners.

And apparently, this influencer strategy used by Clarks worked quite effectively as within a week as it unblocked, it witnessed a visit by more than 1.5 Million users. Data by Clarks highlights that it has an average of thousand users.

MELON, the metaverse development studio, is the entity behind the development of experiences for the shoe brand.

These influencer collaborations have become an important part as several metaverse projects exist at this point. Providing authentic gaming experiences is another. Otherwise, why would someone enter the Metaverse just to witness what you can do in the real world daily?

Clarks is planning on adding new content to the world of Roblox. It has already gained quite an attention as a new player. Let us see how the project emerges in the future.