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Clarks Steps Into The Cicaverse And Lets Fans Compete With Each Other

Upscale shoe retailer Clarks is striding into the metaverse in partnership with online gaming platform Roblox.

The agreement will result in the creation of a one-of-a-kind Clarks Stadium that will allow users to connect with one another, share their experiences, access special content and compete in various minigames.

Done in partnership with metaverse development studio Melon, the Cicaverse touts the retailer’s unisex sneaker style, the Cica.

“The Clarks Cicaverse will celebrate one of the brand’s most iconic, unisex childrenswear styles and inspire a whole new generation of fans via an immersive gaming experience on Roblox,” the footwear company said in a press release.

Users will be put through their paces as they compete against their friends.

This will involve them showing off their slickest BMX tricks and breakdance skills to racing to the parkour finish line alongside the real-life young athletes.

Athletes such as the U.K. parkour champion and trainee stuntman Robbie Griffith, the 11-year-old BMX rider Connor Stitt, and the viral breakdance sensation B-Girl Terra from the United Kingdom are featured in the video game.

B-Girl Terra will soon compete in the 2024 Olympics in Paris, which will be her ultimate challenge.

Users will not only be able to participate in sports, but will also have the opportunity to let enhance their gaming in the virtual Clarks store.

Winners of the games will receive a limited-edition gold Cica X Roblox medallion necklace that celebrates the brand’s heritage. The same necklace, in a limited number, will also be made in real life.

In the Cicaverse, the range of options is virtually limitless.

Players can buy all the accessories required to make their avatars stand out from the crowd in order to be named champion of the Cicaverse. These accessories range from sneakers that are supercharged with fire to giant jetpacks.

Tara McRae, global chief marketing and digital officer of Clarks, said: “We are delighted to bring our famous brand offering to the metaverse as Clarks is passionate about empowering kids to be the best that they can be.”

“The Cicaverse is the perfect way that allows our early learners to explore, create, to learn and to play in a dedicated community space that they can call their own,” she said.

“Roblox is all about understanding and enhancing the human experience,” said a company rep, “which is why we felt like this cooperation was so natural for us.”