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Gucci unveils permanent space on Roblox called ‘Gucci Town’

Gucci has officially entered the metaverse after unveiling a permanent presence on gaming platform Roblox.

The luxury retailer previously collaborated with the virtual world for more short-lived experiences, like the surreal Gucci Garden from last year.

Its new permanent space on Roblox is called Gucci Town and it focuses on a circular virtual piazza surrounded by various buildings and spaces that encourage interactivity.

This offers a first look at how Gucci Vault — the business unit that houses its Web3 efforts in addition to sales of vintage Gucci and products from independent brands — will be interpreted in the metaverse.

The space features a central garden that links together various areas, including an area for mini-games, a café, and a virtual store where players can purchase virtual Gucci merchandise for their Roblox avatar.

Gucci said that over 20 million players have visited the garden last year, despite it only being available for two weeks.

Similarly, footwear retailer Clarks entered Roblox in mid-May to offer an immersive experience.

Created in partnership with metaverse development studio Melon, the Cicaverse experience celebrates the retailer’s unisex sneaker style, the Cica.

Through the platform, users can visit the Clarks Stadium, where they receive a virtual pair of the popular silhouette for an online sports tournament. Participants can take part in games, such as BMX stunts, parkour and breakdancing, with each activation designed with help from the real-life athletes who aided in the development of the shoe style.

Young athletes featured in the game include UK breakdancer B-Girl Terra, UK parkour champion Robbie Griffith and BMX rider Connor Stitt.

Winners of the games will receive a limited-edition gold Cica X Roblox medallion necklace that celebrates the brand’s heritage.