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George Ezra launches Gold Rush Kid Experience on Roblox

Roblox is hosting a virtual experience and concert for George Ezra.

The Roblox event has been designed in the image of his latest UK No.1 album, Gold Rush Kid (Columbia). The virtual world opens today (July 27).

George Ezra’s Gold Rush Kid Experience was facilitated by Sony Music UK’s creative & strategy hub 4th Floor Creative, Sony Music’s Global Digital Business Division and Columbia Records UK, and built by metaverse development studio Melon.

Inspired by George Ezra’s love of travel, the event will take fans on a journey through the creative drive and inspiration behind the music, with curated environments adapting and reacting in real time to songs being played.

Fans who enter the Gold Rush Kid Experience before the concert will have a chance to explore the contextual landscape of the new album, with the option to collect puzzle pieces around a snowy mountain-topped scene inspired by the album cover.

Fans can access a chalet-style 'verch' store (virtual merch, pictured) to collect wearable accessories that pay homage to songs on Gold Rush Kid. Items include sunglasses from the video to recent single Green Green Grass, as well as the denim jacket that features on the album artwork.

Other notable features include a Gold Rush Plane that leads fans to points of interest around the map, a photo booth where fans can pose and take selfie-style photos alongside George Ezra’s avatar, a quiz designed to encourage map exploration, and puzzle pieces hidden in secret locations.

A platformer feature, known to the Roblox community as an ‘obby’, challenges fans to navigate their way through levels by jumping over gaps and avoiding obstacles. Additionally, popular Roblox experience RoBeats will be creating custom, rhythm-based activities for five of George Ezra’s hits.

The virtual concert starts on Friday, July 29 at 5pm (BST), with Ezra performing a recurring setlist, which will repeat every hour until 7am BST, Monday, August 1. The performance will see his avatar usher fans through different environments which reference each track.

Fans will complete competitive and collaborative tasks concurrently with the music to earn points which can be used to purchase items in the verch store. Each concert experience will run between 15-20 minutes, with fans able to participate in a short live Q&A with George Ezra’s avatar following the premier performance. The Q&A will then repeat after subsequent concerts.

George Ezra said: “I can’t wait for everyone to explore the incredible experience that we’ve created around Gold Rush Kid and see the album take on exciting new forms. I’ve played shows at some incredible venues over the last few years, but this is going to be completely unique and really special. See you there!”

Dorothy Hui, SVP, digital & audience development for Sony Music UK’s 4th Floor Creative, said: “4th Floor Creative takes an insight-led approach to help our artists amplify their story. George’s music is well-loved by fans of all ages and brings people together for shared moments of joy. The vivid imagery and narrative themes from Gold Rush Kid, along with our fan insight, provided the inspiration to collaborate with Melon and Roblox on a fantastical musical metaverse experience.”

Columbia Records UK’s Caitlin Fine, senior digital marketing manager, said: “Columbia Records has focused on super-serving George’s younger fanbase as part of our broader Gold Rush Kid marketing campaign. This concert experience was the perfect opportunity to do that, whilst also bringing George’s live experience into the metaverse. It’s been incredible to work with Roblox, Melon and 4th Floor Creative to build this world — it really feels like an authentic extension of George’s Gold Rush Kid creative and it’s been special seeing it come to life.”

Melon’s president Josh Neuman said: “We always aim to push the creative limits of immersive experiences in the metaverse, in ways that bring out the passion in fans and highlight the magic of that artist-fan connection. We loved bringing George’s vision to life and working with this team to create something interactive and ridiculously fun for George’s fans.”