Press Clipping
Melon is planning to launch a music world on Roblox

Not to be confused with the South Korean streaming service of the same name, Melon is one of the creative agencies helping artists and labels create experiences and perform within Roblox.

The company raised $5m of seed funding in July this year, having worked with artists including Tai Verdes, Ava Max, KSI and Zara Larsson on their Roblox events. Now its president Josh Neuman has revealed that Melon is working on a bigger project: its own persistent Roblox world that according to Pitchfork will ‘have multiple tiers of music programming’.

Neuman: “We’ll be able to include artists at all different levels as long as the music is compliant with the platform.” The fun part of that sentence being “as long as” given the still-nascent licensing structures around Roblox.

Still, it’s well worth watching, and Pitchfork’s piece – doubling as a review of Charli XCX’s “bizarre and messy” concert on the platform – is also worth reading in full.